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Dr. Uri Lindner

Dr. Uri Lindner, an operating urologist in Herzliya Medical Center, and the Deputy Director of the urology department in Kaplan Hospital, is one of the greatest pioneers in the world in focal therapy for prostate cancer, using advanced image guided techniques.

Dr. Lindner completed his residency in Tel-Hashomer hospital in 2011, and a Urologic Oncology fellowship program in Toronto, Canada. Since then, Dr. Lindner has released over 30 peer reviewed publications in the leading scientific journals.

Dr. Lindner specializes in general urology & urologic oncology, and more specifically in fusion biopsies for accurate detection and localization of prostate cancer. He continues to conduct scientific researches regarding prostate cancer, urine bladder and kidneys.

Studies & Books

Studies and books – more than 29 publications in the scientific literature

Focal laser therapy

Dr. Uri Lindner "MR-guided Laser Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer."

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